September 23rd


[Order of Worship]

Confession of Faith – Heidelberg Catechism (No. 72-74)
Scripture Reading – (Numbers 3:1-13)
Final Hymn

[Church Announcements]

1. Pastor Ryu - This Week
Pastor Ryu will be co-president of the America Costa since this September. He will be attending the meeting in Raleigh, NC on September 24.

Pastor Ryu will be a guest speaker at the DC2DC Church Young Adult Retreat in Washington DC on September 28-30.

2. Book Talk
""Investigating The Gospel of Mark""
9/25/18 7:30pm @Vision Center"

3. Sunday School Teacher
Lend a hand as our children grow in faith.
Become a teacher in children ministry!
Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.
Contact: Pastor Chung

4. Offerings

주일헌금 (Regular): $5,847.00
십일조 (Tithe): $10,420.68
감사헌금 (Thanksgiving): $390.00
선교헌금 (Mission): $80.00
겨자씨 (Mustard Seed): $214.00
헌금총액 (Total): $16,951.68

[QT This Week]

Sunday (23): Numbers 3:40-51
Monday (24): Numbers 4:1-16
Tuesday (24): Numbers 4:17-33
Wednesday (25): Numbers 4:34-49
Thursday (26): Numbers 5:1-10
Friday (27): Numbers 5:11-31
Saturday (28): Numbers 6:1-12 *Sunday Bible Study