September 30th


[Order of Worship]

Confession of Faith – Heidelberg Catechism (No. 75-77)
Scripture Reading – (Numbers 6:1-12)
Final Hymn

[Church Announcements]

1. Pastor Ryu - This Week
Pastor Ryu will be a guest speaker at the DC2DC Church Young Adult Retreat in Washington DC on September 28-30.

2. Father’s Heart Soup Kitchen
We invite all to join us on Saturday, Oct. 13th for serving homeless at the Father’s Heart Soup Kitchen.

3. New Living Voices Choir

New Living Voices is looking for volunteer singers to join worship as choir members. Rehearsals are on a Saturday before such Sundays when we scheduled to join service. The Sundays we are joining are 10/7, 10/21, 11/4 and 12/9.

Contact: Paul Cho

4. English Translated Script

For English speakers attending 1:30 pm service in College or Young adult group, you can request for an English translated script of the sermon by email. Please send an email with your information following the format below.

Name/Name of ministry/ Name of small group/contact info
Contact: Pastor Unmi Lee

3. Sunday School Teacher
Lend a hand as our children grow in faith.
Become a teacher in children ministry!
Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.
Contact: Pastor Chung

[QT This Week]

Sunday (Sept.30): Numbers 6:13-21
Monday (Oct.1): Numbers 6:22-27 *Sunday Bible Study
Tuesday (Oct.2): Numbers 7:1-11
Wednesday (Oct.3): Numbers 7:12-89
Thursday (Oct.4): Numbers 8:1-4
Friday (Oct.5): Numbers 8:5-19
Saturday (Oct.6): Numbers 8:20-26