October 28th


[Order of Worship]

Confession of Faith – Heidelberg Catechism (No. 86-87)
Scripture Reading – (Numbers 16:1-19)
Final Hymn

[Church Announcements]

1. Uganda Mission Trip

Uganda mission with Compassion will be held from October 20th to 31st. Please pray for the Uganda mission trip team together.

2. Book Talk
Investigation on the Gospel of John
Date& Time: Tuesday October 30th @7:30 pm
Place: vision center
contact: Seongmin Oh (Ontheroadtodamascus1@gmail.com)

3. FC Fall Prayer Meeting
Come and join ""NFC Prayer meeting"" to praise the Lord and to pray together on 10/31 (Wed.) A short message about the meaning of prayer for church and others will be given. Prayer session is scheduled afterwards. Everyone is welcome! We are looking forward to seeing you and to praying together!"

4. Love sharing mission café
Mission cafe for homless ministry. Cafe will open at ps 11 and lab school 11am to 4pm

5. English Translated Script
For English speakers attending 1:30 pm service in College or Young adult group, you can request for an English translated script of the sermon by email. Please send an email with your information following the format below.

Name/Name of ministry/ Name of small group/contact info
Contact: Pastor Unmi Lee unmilee@gmail.com

6. Offering (October 21)
주일헌금 (Regular): $8,873.97
십일조 (Tithe): $7,934.96
감사헌금 (Thanksgiving): $905.00
선교헌금 (Mission): $190.00
겨자씨 (Mustard Seed): $236.00
헌금총액 (Total): $18,139.93

[QT This Week]

Sunday (Oct.28): Numbers 16:20-35
Monday (Oct.29): Numbers 16:36-40
Tuesday (Oct.30): Numbers 16:41-50
Wednesday (Oct.31): Numbers 17:1-13 *Sunday Bible Study
Thursday (Nov 1): Numbers 18:1-7
Friday (Nov 2): Numbers 18:8-20
Saturday (Nov 3): Numbers 18:21-32