2006.02  Started as Manhattan Young Adult Ministry of NJ Chodae Church at King’s College located at Empire State Building

2007.07  Pastor Song Yongwon resigned, Pastor Inhyun Ryu appointed as Pastor for
Young Adult Ministry of NJ Chodae Church

2008.02  Church relocated to a new site, PS11 William T. Harris Elementary School

2008.10  CCM 11, College Ministry began

2009.06  ‘New Frontier Church’ established and registered as a religious corporation in NYC

2009.09  Missionary center called Vision Center opened at 29 W 30th St. New York, NY Began our Wednesday Evening and Early Morning services

2010.02  NJ Chodae Church planted New Frontier Church as a stand alone church and held the inaugural service

2010. 02  Began Mustard Seed Offering to help build the Kingdom Professional Center in


2010. 07  Cross the Way, prayer walking, held in Manhattan

2010. 10  C4K (Couples For Kingdom) Ministry began. Established Chun-Koom-Ah (translates to Kids dreaming of Heaven) as our Sunday School program



2011. 05  Concerted with NJ Chodae Church, NFC commissioned a missionary, Sooyeon Chung, to China

2011. 11  Hosted BaM (Business as Mission) conference

2012. 02  The last Sunday worship service held at PS11 due to NYC’s ban on religious services in public schools

2012. 02  Relocated to a new site, Sutton Place (a jewish synagogue) on 51st St.

2012. 03  Relocated back to PS11 after NYC changed rules to allow churches in public schools

2012. 09  Vision Center relocated to a new site, 142 W 29th St, New York

2012. 09  IM Plus to start its Sunday Evening Services on last Sunday of the Month

2012. 10  Shodai Japanese Church started its ministry at Vision Center

2013. 06  Hope for Africa

2013. 10  IM Plus began its Sunday Morning services

2013. 10  Young Adult ministry divided into three fellowships (Kingdom 1, 2, & 3)

2014. 04  Joined the presbytery KAPC (Korean American Prebyterian Church

2015. 04  Hosted Open Word Conference in celebration of the church’s 5th year

2015. 05  Installed three elders: Hyuksoon Song, Junghang Lee, Youngwon Park

2015. 12  Hosted Compassion Sunday and adapted Uganda tribes as our beneficiary



2016. 01   Expanded our Sunday worship service to another location, Columbus Campus
(PS191) along with Chelsea Campus (PS11)

2016. 10  Compassion Vision Trip to Uganda

2017. 06  Columbus Campus and Chelsea Campus reunited at PS11 site